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Within this guide, we take a comprehensive look at the current state of the property market here in the UK and establish why it's a safe haven during uncertain and high-inflationary times. 

We also show you how to partner with some of the UK's best housebuilders and how to get access to smart investment opportunities.

What's in there?

About Your Street and how we can help you build an inflation-proof, profitable, passive and hands-off portfolio

An overview of the UK property market 

How you can partner with established property developers and achieve better returns 

Why does a developer need your funds?

The Investment Process

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Invest in property.
Without the hassle.

Self Certification

High Net Worth Investor:
Investors who have an annual income of more than £100,000 or savings of more than £250,000. Read Full Statement

Sophisticated Investor:
Investors with previous experience of similar investments or other alternative investments. Read Full Statement

If you would like to know more about our registration process then please visit our Investor Registration page.

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