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Nationwide Rent Guarantee Scheme

A stress-free solution designed specifically for landlords.

Guaranteed rental income for up to 5 years

Fair market rent

No voids, fees, or gimmicks. Ever.

your street rent guarantee scheme
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Boost your rental income today

Guarantee your rental income every month

Whether you're a landlord just starting out in the property market, or you already have a growing portfolio, we are able to guarantee your rental income every single month for up to 5 years.

Our Rent Guarantee Scheme takes away the stresses of having to find your own tenants and managing your property. Our main goal is to help bring total peace of mind with fixed and guaranteed rental income, regardless of property occupancy. 

Let your property the smart way

Here at Your Street, we do things differently. Our Rent Guarantee Scheme provides a hassle-free and smooth service, that helps to maximise your property investment and minimise your day-to-day problems.

fair guaranteed rent

Guaranteed agreement

If your property is right for us, we’ll offer you a guaranteed rental agreement within 24 hours and you'll have the option to guarantee your rent for up to 5 years.

property marketing

No loss from voids. Ever.

We guarantee our landlords a void-free life, providing you with a consistent stream of rental income. Even when your property is empty your rental income is guaranteed.

property marketing

No fees

We make our money between the rent we pay you and the rent we collect from tenants or the local authority. 

Get guaranteed rental income for up to 5 years

Get up to 5 years of constant and reliable income, with us handling the responsibility of finding tenants and managing your property. No more worrying about voids or chasing after rent payments. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a steady, guaranteed rental income for an extended period.

Rent guarantee agreement
Market value rent income guaranteed

Fair, market value rent paid

We understand the importance of maximising your return. That's why we offer you competitive, market-value rent. This gets rid of the guesswork and ensures you get the most out of your property investment. Combined with guaranteed, on-time monthly payments, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a steady and predictable income stream.

Fully accredited by RICS and TPOS

We know trust and expertise matter. That's why Your Street is proudly accredited by both RICS and TPOS. These accreditations are a mark of commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards in property management and client service.

fully accredited property marketing
your street landlord

M Smith


We have received great results since Your Street took over the management and achieved the performance exactly as described. We are considering to bring more properties under Your Street in the coming future.

Man with Crossed Arms

J Smith


One word for this company AMAZING. The team took over my property with minimal fuss. They have been professional, understanding and most of all a great help when i need them the most.

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Words from our happy landlords

We understand that putting your property into our hands is a big decision. With Your Street, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve made the right decision.

How much rent
is guaranteed?

All of it. As long as the property is right for us and the numbers stack up, then we're in. We'll always offer you the fair and current market rate for your property. This means you can lock in a secure income stream for up to 5 years, free from the worry of vacancies or tenant issues.

Some of our corporate clients

Your Street clients

The smarter way to let

Let your property and receive a guaranteed income every month

How it works

Too many things in life are overly complicated, our guaranteed rent service is not one of them.
All of the complicated steps are done for you, to provide you with a simple 3 step process.

Complete our online application form in just a couple of minutes. We will then arrange a property inspection.


Get your offer

Within 24 hours of viewing, we will provide you with your offer. Take your time to decide or ask questions.


Get paid

Should you accept our offer, we can generally start renting the house within 7 days notice.

rent guarantee insurance

£5m insurance

deposit protection scheme uk 2024

+£1m guaranteed

rent house fast

Fast application

eco friendly letting agency

We're green

Each property we look after is insured for up to £5,000,000 in repairs.

We have committed to over £1m in guaranteed rent to our landlords.

Our easy online application will only take you a couple of  minutes.

Through various schemes, we donate from our profits to plant trees.

Spaces to be proud of

We take great pride in the jobs we accomplish and the way we maintain each of our guaranteed rental properties.

rent guarantee scheme
rent guarantee scheme
guaranteed rent for landlords
guaranteed rent for landlords

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I find out the value of my property?
    There are several ways to find out the value of your house. From getting advice from an estate agent, using property websites, using online property valuation tools, or seeking advice from professional valuers or surveyors. Getting your property valued depends on your personal preferences, time and budget. However, the most common way to determine how much your house is worth is by getting a property valuation from a qualified professional.
  • What are the different types of property valuations?
    There are different types of valuations available, including instant online valuations, virtual valuations, and in-person valuations from local experts. An instant online valuation is quick and convenient, virtual valuations allow for a more in-depth assessment of your property, while an in-person valuation from a local expert can provide valuable insights into the local property market and factors that may affect your property's value. In-person valuations: An in-person home valuation is typically the best type of valuation as it includes a detailed inspection of the property by a local expert. This can involve a thorough assessment of the property's size, condition, location, and unique features, as well as an analysis of recent sales in the area. The valuer may also take into account any renovations or upgrades that have been made to the property. The result is a more comprehensive and accurate valuation of the property's current market value, which can be useful when buying or selling a home. Online valuations: An instant online home valuation typically includes an estimate of the current market value of a property based on publicly available data such as recent sales in the area, property size, and location. Some online valuation tools may also take into account unique features of the property, such as age and condition, to provide a more accurate estimate. For an online home valuation on your property, use our quick and easy-to-use home valuation tool today to find out how much your house is worth in just the click of a button. Virtual valuations: Virtual home valuations have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the wake of social distancing and an increase in working from home. This type of valuation involves using video technology to give an estate agent a virtual tour of your property, who then provides a valuation remotely. The benefits of this type of valuation include the convenience of not having to schedule an in-person visit and the speed of the valuation process. However, virtual valuations may not be as accurate as in-person valuations, particularly if there are issues with video quality or connectivity. For a free virtual valuation of your property, book yours today to find out how much your house is worth. Sales vs Lettings valuations: Sales and lettings home valuations differ in their approach and purpose. A sales valuation is focused on determining the current market value of a property for the purpose of selling it. This involves analysing sales data, the condition of the property, and other factors that can affect its overall value. A lettings valuation is focused on determining the rental value of a property. This involves analysing the local rental market and the demand for properties in the area. The purpose of a lettings valuation is to give landlords an accurate estimate of the rental income they can expect to generate from the property.
  • The benefits of a home valuation
    1. Receive an accurate estimate: Whether you're just curious to know the value of your home or if you're deciding to sell, by choosing to get a valuation of your home, you can find out an accurate estimate of your property's current market value. 2. Setting an asking price: When selling your home, knowing a suitable asking price can be difficult. Booking a valuation can set a realistic asking price for the property, giving you more peace of mind and improving the chances of a successful sale. 3. Negotiating: Not only can it help with the asking price, but it can also help with negotiating power. Once you know the value, you'll have a clearer understanding of how high or low you can go in the negotiation stages. 4. Valuable market insights: A home valuation can provide valuable property market information and insights, including recent sales data and trends to help you compare. 5. Potential issues: A valuation can help highlight any problems that may arise when selling your property and highlight any unique features that your house has. 6. Financing and insurance: A home valuation can be used to secure financing or insurance for the property. 7. Tax purposes: Getting your home valued can be helpful for tax purposes, such as determining the value of an estate for inheritance tax.
  • Book your free property valuation today
    Take the first step to selling your property today by finding out how much your home is worth with Your Street. In just a few clicks, with one of our local experts or use our quick online valuation tool. If you've already found out the value of your house, instruct Your Street to sell your home for you now, hassle-free.
  • Property valuation FAQs
    How much does it cost to get a home valuation? The cost of getting your house valued in the UK can vary depending on the type of valuation needed and the location. Some in-person valuations can cost anywhere from £100 to £1000, while online valuations are usually free. At Your Street, our in-person valuations are completely free of charge. Why can't I get a valuation for my property? There could be several reasons why you're unable to get a valuation for your property. From lack of historical information, current market conditions, having an unusual property or a shortage of valuers in your area. Speak to one of our expert advisors today to find out how we can help you. What about properties in Northern Ireland and Scotland? The property valuation process in Northern Ireland and Scotland is similar to that of England and Wales. However, the legal systems and property markets differ. Therefore, the valuation process may vary slightly. How to calculate house values on my street Calculating house values in your street can be challenging as it involves analysing multiple factors that can affect the value of a property. However, some of the steps you can take to calculate house values in your street are: Look up recent sale data to see what other properties have sold for. Consider the location of the property and the amenities it's close to, such as schools, greenery, busy roads, public transport, and the overall desirability and safety of the area. Consider the characteristics of the properties and if they have any unique features that could add or detract from its value. What is going to happen to UK house prices? The UK property market is constantly evolving and is influenced by various economic and political factors. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the future trends of the property market. However, many experts predict that the UK property market will continue to grow, albeit at a slower rate, due to factors such as low-interest rates and high demand for property. What will my home be worth in five years? It is difficult to predict the exact value of your home in five years as the housing market can be volatile and fluctuate based on various factors such as the economy, interest rates, and supply and demand. It's important to remember that any estimate of your home's future value is just that - an estimate. The UK housing market is constantly changing, and many things can affect your home's value.

Here are some questions you could ask yourself about how our Rent Guarantee Scheme works. If there’s anything we haven’t covered here, check our FAQ page.

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