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Your Street Referral Scheme

Receive a 1.5% referral bonus when someone you know invests with Your Street.

Introduce us to people you know, and if they choose to go ahead, you can receive a fixed bonus based on their first investment amount.

How it Works

Step 1 - Refer Someone

Our highest compliment is when our existing clients refer Your Street to their friends and family.


If you know someone that you think would be interested in learning more about our investment service, then the first step is to let us know.

With the permission of your referral, your consultant will get in touch with them to discuss what they might be looking for, whilst keeping you in the loop along the way.

If the person you know chooses to invest in one of our products then we will pay you a fixed bonus of 1.5% which is based on their first investment amount.

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Must Have Sale

Step 2 - Receive your reward

Once your referral understands the ins and outs of the investment, such as the benefits, features, and of course the key risks. They will then be in a position of knowledge about choosing what is right for them.

Should they go ahead, then you will receive your 1.5% fixed bonus paid to you within 14-days of the investment start date and you can choose to receive a cash reward, an account top-up, a gift to the same value, or a charitable donation to the charity of your choice.

Get in touch

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Know someone?

Get in touch with your dedicated consultant to discuss more about referring a friend and earning yourself a fixed 1.5% fee.

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