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How to avoid scammers

Fraud and scams are often difficult to spot. However, there are a number of ways to tackle getting caught out. We take a look at a few tips for potential investors to always consider before moving forward with any investment.

Our top tips

Although scams have become increasingly sophisticated, there are a number of warning signs to always look out for.

Here, we share our top 4 tips to curb a scammer's potential of getting to your money.

Never send money abroad

Scammers will usually find it hard to obtain a UK business bank account so will typically resort to asking you to send your money overseas - this is always a good indication that you are dealing with a scam. The recently introduced name-checking system has helped a lot to combat this issue.

Request a video call

A simple tactic is to ask for a video call. 9 times out of 10 the scammer will avoid this at all costs - because you would then have solid video evidence to pass onto authorities. With the invention of FaceTime & Zoom available to anyone with an internet connection, investment scams can now be a thing of the past.

Always do your research

Conducting your own research might seem like a "no-brainer" but many people simply read a few pages of an investment brochure or memorandum and then decide to proceed without actually looking into the facts and figures to see whether the investment checks out, or not.

Never share your banking details

Never give your banking details over to anyone that you don't know or trust. This is extremely valuable to not only you but also the scammer. In the wrong hands, a lot of damage can be done and there should hardly ever be a time when a genuine company will require these details from you.

Book a Video Call

Modern technology is a truly wonderful thing. Thanks to video-calling apps like FaceTime and Zoom, connecting with our family, friends and colleagues has never been easier.

It's also a sure-fire way of separating the good, from the bad. Investment scams are typically telephone-based and the devious thieves out there will always steer well clear of having any one-to-one face time with you.

To help reassure our investors that 'we are, who we say we are' - we always suggest to any potential investors to quickly jump onto a brief 10 to 15-minute video call with one of our consultants.

Top tip: Remember, if the caller doesn't wish to show their face or seems reluctant to be on camera - then without doubt you are dealing with a scam.

Research, research, research.

The ultimate way to avoid the scammers is to simply put in the time to research the investment on offer. And never rush into anything.

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