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Hard work.
That pays off.

Digging deep and presenting facts and figures. This is the Your Street way.

Before we launch any opportunity to our investors we conduct thorough due diligence whereby the project must meet our strict criteria in order for it to be deemed a sound and viable investment.

Track Record

Area Analysis

Financial Forecasts


Exit Strategy

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Due Diligence

  • Create an account to receive full comprehensive due diligence reports on each project.

  • Invest with established property developers with a proven track record.

  • Choose to put your money into a diverse range of property sectors.

  • Start from £5,000.

Track Record

If a property developer has no evidence of completed projects, then it can be fairly difficult to assess if they are reliable or not. We only partner with the top development companies in the UK that can show investors a proven track record of having a portfolio of successfully completed sites.

We also like to look for any indication of growth within the organisation, for example, if they might have won awards within their sector or area of investment. If a business is continually seeking new ways to succeed, this can be a positive sign that they’re committed and will go on to develop as a business over time.

Area Analysis

Areas with positive predictions for house price growth and a track record of past investment success are something to look out for. When analysing any location we take into account area-based factors such as:


  • Connectivity - both national and international transport links

  • Skills & Careers - industry-based clusters

  • Enterprise & Innovation - positive change and impact on the local environment

  • Trade & Investment - new businesses and developments in the area - present and future

Financial Forecasts

We assess the numbers essential to the profitability of the investment by evaluating cost-based factors such as:


  • A detailed assessment of the costs, including a review by a qualified quantity surveyor;

  • In-depth look into all risk factors relating to the project; construction, refurbishment, planning;

  • The project’s financing arrangements and documentation;

  • All existing legal documentation;

  • The likelihood of the project to unexpected changes in gross development value (GDV) or schedules.


All of the investments that we offer have varying levels of security and clients can decide on how secure they would like their investment based on the options that best suit their individual risk appetite. The three levels of security are:

1. Sole Ownership (title deeds in your name);

2. Corporate Guarantee (repayment guarantee from the developer);

3. Legal Charge (investor has control over developers assets until repaid in full).

Exit Strategy

We ensure that every investment proposed has a defined exit strategy in place to realise a profit. Before offering any investment we will always have every angle covered in respect to unforeseen market conditions and therefore would implement a multi-strategy exit plan to cover all possible outcomes.

These three plans are:

A. Sell

B. Refinance

C. Let and Hold

By working all three strategies into our due diligence and plans we can be confident of each and every possible outcome.

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